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DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way an NHL reporter or NHL news reporter, and never claim to be! This site is not in any way endorsed by nor linked to NHL, The NHL. It is merely a site by a fan of the Awesome game of hockey. The information contained herein is comprised of information gathered by me in conjunction with my personal observations and thoughts.And are in my own words.
TELL ME WHO YOU THINK IS GOING TO WIN THE 2003-2004 STANLEY CUP YOU CAN DO SO BY EMAILING BY CHECKING OUT THE CONTACT PAGE. This site is no longer available but you can still email me on your hockey opinions anytime!

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If you want your pic of yourself or your favorite hockey player on here just send me an email and as soon as i get it i will put your pic on this site for free no cost to you what so ever!!
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This website is in no way copyright.....And nhl2002 is not from last year this is an up-to-date website from all seasons do not think the site is nhl2002 that is only the 2002 season it is all seasons.But no longer continuing anymore...but feel free to email at any time on hockey!